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1:1 Coaching With Jen Glantz 

Imagine having a step-by-step plan that leads you right to your goals? How about a sidekick of a coach who helps make it feel easy, doable, and fun? Jen Glantz offers 1:1 coaching for your career, life, or business goals.

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– christina bute

 “I decided to invest in 1:1 coaching and have never felt clearer about my future, so much so, that I'm a repeat client of Jen's and have worked with her for years.”

During each session, I can tell that she wants me to win while giving helpful and useful feedback. She challenged me on a potential next step—after some reflection, her rationale made sense and ended up pivoting my plan. If you want to level up, hire Jen or enroll in one of her courses—it will be 100% worth it!

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Whether you're planning a company workshop, a conference, or need an event speaker that won't put your audience to speak, Jen Glantz offers a variety of keynotes that have received high-praise.

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– carolyn, apple

“She knows how to captivate an audience within seconds, be relatable and keep them inspired.”

Jen is a breath of fresh air! Her lively personality and style of coaching was exactly what the team needed to become better, confident speakers. She knows how to captivate an audience within seconds, be relatable, and keep them inspired throughout the workshop. I know I will be using these techniques throughout my career and even in my personal life. Can’t recommend Jen enough!

Take an Interactive Course

Grab access to an online course that you'll actually finish. Why? Because Jen's courses include personalized and real-time feedback, unique actionable tips, and engaging videos.

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"I've taken a handful of Jen's online courses and let me tell you - there are no other courses out there as engaging and fun. I would sign up for anything she's teaching!"

Jen’s infectious and bubbly personality enticed me to first take one of her courses. In just one year, I have taken all of the courses Jen offers, and I am so glad I did. What did I get out of Jen’s courses? I reached a higher level of understanding of myself in my personal and professional life. The results of taking her courses have been life-changing.

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As a content creator, Jen offers brands a variety of sponsorship opportunities that reach over 500,000 people through her newsletters, podcast, and social media accounts. 

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Hey! I’m Jen Glantz

I’m a Brooklyn-based writer and entrepreneur who turned a Craigslist ad into a viral business & a six-figure empire. I host a podcast, write newsletters, and create odd jobs. I'm here to help you live, think, and take adventures that tap into your wildest dreams and remind you that: You're not getting any younger.






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