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I have a reputation you should know about before you get to know me.

I’ve spoken to rooms of people all over the world, from employees at Google, Apple, and WeWork to MBA students at the Wharton School of Business, and here’s the truth: 

They don’t want to listen to a speaker who will waste their time. Not in a world where push notifications are constantly flirting with our attention spans.
They want a speaker who will understand who they are, guide them, and solve the problems that they have.
People matter. They matter so much. People who are energized, fueled with knowledge, and eager to change have the power to transform businesses and the world. 
That’s what pulses in my mind before I step in front of any audience, whether in person or virtually, and use our time together to teach and inspire. 

I've spoken at:

Most people in an audience are asking themselves one simple thing: what’s in it for me?

Every talk I give carries that answer from the start to the finish line.

I speak to people quite often, whether it’s a company workshop, conference keynote, or team retreat. In the past 8 years of my professional speaking career, I’ve been in front of over 50,000 people. But no presentation is ever the same. It can’t be.

That’s why I spend quality time collaborating with the event organizer to understand the program’s objectives and then fully immerse myself with an understanding of who will be in the room.

One more big thing to know about me is that I have a zero yawn guarantee (even if there's no coffee in the room). I bring contagious energy, humor that lends to learning, and engaging activities that get people moving and thinking.

When your audience leaves the room, they'll feel different than when they entered.

They'll feel like they matter, and they'll feel equipped and energized to move forward in their careers and their lives.
I’d love to talk about how we can work together for your next event, conference, or team training.


High-Five Worthy Words

"I've taken a lot of company workshops before, but I never sat through one as powerful and life-changing for my career. I begged my boss to have Jen come back and work with us soon." – Mary Beth, HBO
– Mary Beth, HBO

"I can't even begin to tell you how inspired I am after that workshop! I am so excited to get to work. Your energy was contagious, and your tips were brilliant." – Annalie K., WeWork

“Through real life examples, relevant videos, and effective exercises, my team felt they walked away with an excellent tool kit for telling compelling stories that they can tap into for both their personal and professional lives. – Yoshiko Ono, Google

Jen Glantz Here!

I’m a headline-making entrepreneur, a 3x nonfiction author, the host of the You’re Not Getting Any Younger podcast, the creator of Pick-Me-Up Monday morning email series, a TV contributor, and a professional speaker.
I’m proud of a career that’s consistently been fueled by big ideas, immense determination, and a passion for inspiring the people around me.


hey there

I’ve spoken to a lot of people in my 8+ year career as a professional speaker. From auditoriums of business professionals to college students, from conference rooms for team training to video conference rooms for virtual retreats.

I speak on a wide range of professional development topics from public speaking and storytelling to imposter syndrome and communication in the workplace. My keynote talks range from personal branding to handling rejection, from how I started a viral company from a Craigslist ad to how to brainstorm and act on out-of-the-box ideas.

There are a lot of speakers out there, but what makes me different is my contagious energy, electrifying content, and actionable advice. It’s never Jen vs. the audience. It’s Jen + the audience = an unforgettable time that’ll light up the conversation in the Slack channel after.


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Want to learn more about my experience as a workshop instructor and keynote speaker? Here’s where you can grab my speaker’s kit to share with your team.


Interested in learning more about how we can work together for an upcoming event or team training?


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Audiences I’ve Worked With

Auditoriums + Conference Rooms + Virtual Calls Classrooms + Panels


Hyatt Hotels
Brooklyn Brewery
HBO/Warner Media
Guardian Life
General Assembly
Church Pension Group
Cockroach Labs
TL Communications
French Toast Uniforms


Creativity Next
NextGen Gov
BBYO Convention
She's the First
Start-Up Institute
Fierce Females Group
Executive Leadership Support Forum
International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners
Ellevate Women's Network Panel
NYC Social Media Week
Smart Girls Conference
Women’s Prison Association


Wharton School of Business
Columbia University - Justice Through Code
Columbia University - Women in Business
Hofstra University
Adelphi University
Baruch College
University of Central Florida
Fordham University
University of California - Los Angeles

Eyeball Some of My Recent Feedback

Carolyn Nguyen


“She knows how to captivate an audience within seconds, be relatable and keep them inspired.”

Jen is a breath of fresh air! Her lively personality and style of coaching was exactly what the team needed to become better, confident speakers. She knows how to captivate an audience within seconds, be relatable, and keep them inspired throughout the workshop. I know I will be using these techniques throughout my career and even in my personal life. Can’t recommend Jen enough!

Ron Berman, Assistant Professor of Marketing

The Wharton School

“This was awesome and the best speaker I’ve met in all my classes.”

Jen is a rock star. After her lecture, I often get three types of responses: ‘This was awesome and the best speaker I’ve met in all my classes,’ ‘The information she provided is so valuable, finally a speaker that gives us a very tangible and useful set of tools we can use tomorrow,’ and ‘How did you find her? She’s amazing!’ I wish I received such feedback for my own lectures . . . we always have a warm place at Wharton for Jen’s talks and workshops, and the content she prepares is extremely appreciated by the students.

Marcy Bloom


“In a world of online learning, Jen sets herself apart by being engaging and smart”

Jen’s relevant content and highly energized presentation style make her the perfect workshop leader. She simplifies the information and removes the intimidation factor. We keep adding new themes for her to tackle, and she does it with ease while keeping each class entertaining. Jen is fantastic, and in a world of online learning, she sets herself apart by being engaging and smart.

Let’s Work Together in 2023

Common events

Employee training & coaching 
Company strategy & consulting 
Panel moderator 
Facilitator for discussions
Day-long or half-day workshop retreats
Conference keynotes
Company workshops
Women's accelerator programs & roundtables
Employee 1:1 coaching
Guest lectures at universities
Team building & retreat workshops 

Popular topics

Public speaking & storytelling
Building trust & respect in the workplace
Communication skills & working with difficult people
Building your brand as a leader
Leadership Communication
Public Speaking Tips for Virtual Calls 
How to Build Your Influence 
Defining Your Personal Mission, Vision and Values
How to Stand Out in Your Career
Social media strategy for 2021 & beyond
Digital marketing to help you stand out
Speaking with confidence & engaging the audience
Imposter syndrome
How to Be an Assertive Leader
Sales & negotiation training
How to handle rejection & failure
How to go viral & get ongoing PR

Speaker Reel

Here’s What It’s Like to Work With Me

Jen has led several communication workshops for WITHIN and has added so much value to our training programs. We were looking for workshops that were fun and engaging—not your typical stuffy, corporate training—and Jen delivered! She brings humor and warmth to every session, while sharing invaluable tips and tricks that our employees can apply straightaway to their everyday jobs. Jen is an expert at what she does, and I couldn't recommend her enough!– Charmaine Hui, Within

"It was fun, funny and engaging—but also super useful. By far one of the best sessions I've been a part of in my professional career.– Stephen D., Google

Jen's workshops have been such a valuable addition to our leadership programs at Adelphi University. Jen has facilitated three workshops for us, both in person and virtually, and her energy and enthusiasm are unmatched! She is able to pack so much valuable content into her workshops without overwhelming or boring the audience (I don't think boring is in her DNA). As an educator, I especially love that our students always leave Jen's workshops with tangible strategies to aid in their own personal and professional development. She's super prepared and does all the heavy lifting, which always makes my life easier! We can't wait to bring her back to Adelphi.– Athena Bressck, Assistant Director, Adelphi University Center for Student Involvement

“Jen took an interest in each participant individually! The team left energized to apply Jen’s coaching and tools to both their professional and personal lives. Jen’s spirit is infectious.” -Kathy and Laura, Guardian Life Insurance

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Hey! I’m Jen Glantz

I’m a Brooklyn-based writer and entrepreneur who turned a Craigslist ad into a viral business & a six-figure empire. I host a podcast, write newsletters, and create odd jobs. I'm here to help you live, think, and take adventures that tap into your wildest dreams and remind you that: You're not getting any younger.






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