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I remember being 6 years old, scribbling poems on napkins, inside of books, perhaps even once or twice on the walls (sorry, Mom) and understanding how powerful words, stories, and feelings could be once they left your own heart. 
I began writing tiny little things for anyone who'd let me, and eventually for myself in 2011 when I created the blog The Things I Learned From as a home for the mistakes, the moments, and the memories that just felt too unsettling to keep to myself. 
Since then, I've proudly pushed for my words to be published in over 125 different publications, from TODAY.com to the New York Times, from Glamour magazine to Women's Health magazine. In 2013, I published my very first book, All My Friends Are Engaged, which became an Amazon best seller.

My life ended up taking a one-way trip toward the adventure of a lifetime in 2014 when I posted a Craigslist ad offering myself as a bridesmaid for hire to strangers around the world. The ad went viral, and just three days later, I started my first business, Bridesmaid for Hire, which I still run today.
I wrote an entire memoir about this time in my life, which was equal parts extraordinary and equal parts unbelievable. It's called Always a Bridesmaid (for Hire). My most recent book is about trying to get married in a pandemic. Meet Finally the Bride.
I've also found myself telling my story on a lot of TV shows, like the TODAY Show, where Hoda Kotb gave me the warmest hug; Good Morning America, which came with me to video my very first wedding as a professional bridesmaid in Minnesota; and Fox News, where an anchor called my job the "weirdest ever."

I'm working really hard to turn my story into a reality show or a TV show—maybe even a movie. 

Today, I host a podcast called You're Not Getting Any Younger, which I started after pulling out of a dark place in life that had me feeling sad, stuck, and scared of my own shadow. It features guests that help listeners make big changes in their lives (starting with small steps). It's one of my favorite thing to work on each week. In 2021, I reached 200 episodes! 

Recently, I started two new newsletters: one about Odd Jobs & one about The First Years of Marriage. I also launched a card game!
I run my own coaching and consulting company, Jen & Juice, where I work with individuals and companies to help them tell their story, start something big for themselves, or help them get out of a funk. I’m the creator of a handful of life-changing courses that over 50,000 people have taken. My passion for speaking has landed my Converse on stages for audiences at SXSW, Apple, HBO, Google, Wharton School of Business, and WeWork.

Two years ago, I met my husband, Adam, and I decided to sell 90% of our belongings, ditch our leases, and live in a brand new city, or home, every 30 days. We've lived in Portland, Austin, LA, Brooklyn, and many more spots. It's been the kind of journey that reminds me of what matters most about life, myself, and even my relationship with Adam. Today, we live in Brooklyn near what matters the most—a handful of pizza places within a 3-block radius. It's my life's mission to eat as much pizza, write as many books, and help as many strangers feel okay about the pushes and pulls of their lives as I can.

In case we ever meet, and I really hope that we do, you should know that I'll hug you hello, ask you the kind of questions that matter, and cross my fingers that we stay friends forever.

To know me is to know this...

I eat pizza every day


My birthday is on April Fool's Day


I have a dog named Goofy


I spent 2 years living in a new city every month


I’m the most proud of

Words from dear friends

"Jen is the living version of a color-coded calendar. The supremely organized woman wears vibrant colors, flicks straight blonde hair, and smiles through peachy lipstick."

- New York Magazine

"She's becoming a success by acting like one. Everyone has a gift and I encourage everybody to do exactly what Jen did, explore your gift".

– Steve Harvey

"I got to tell you, we were fascinated with your story."

- Hoda Kotb, The TODAY Show

2011 –

Let's go back!


Started a blog after online publications wouldn’t publish my essays


Saved up money & applied for over 200 jobs before landing one and moving to NYC


Finally got over ten well-known online publications to publish my writing


Landed a dream job at a start-up and published my first book, All My Friends Are Engaged


Started the headline-making business, Bridesmaid for Hire & appeared on over 250 media outlets, including Good Morning America


Got laid-off from my full-time job & became 100% my own boss. Started consulting and doing in-house workshops for companies like Google, Hyatt Hotels and HBO. Began my 1:1 coaching program. Doubled my “full-time” income


Published my second book through Simon & Schuster. Sold 90% of my belongings to live in a new city every month


Launched the You’re Not Getting Any Yonger Podcast & Facebook group


Created Finally the Bride, an online platform where over 100,000 strangers voted on all my wedding decisions


Turned my lessons-learned experience and expert strategy into program to help others start big things (starting with small steps)


Turned my lessons-learned experience and expert strategy into program to help others start big things (starting with small steps)


Created Odd Jobs & The First Years of Marriage newsletter, and The Newlywed Card Game.


Work with Me 1:1

Personalized coaching programs for those who are determined to make changes in their career, business or life.


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Hey! I’m Jen Glantz

I’m a Brooklyn-based writer who turned a Craigslist ad into a viral business and a six-figure empire. I’m sharing all of my secrets so together, we can work on getting you started on that *thing* you’ve been daydreaming about for far too long.