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– Olya Arakhouskaya

Jen’s infectious and bubbly personality enticed me to first take one of her courses. In just one year, I have taken all of the courses Jen offers, and I am so glad I did. What did I get out of Jen’s courses? I reached a higher level of understanding of myself in my personal and professional life. The results of taking her courses have been life-changing.

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The Personal Branding Course

A deep-dive, step-by-step program to identify who you are, how to position yourself in your industry, ways to tell your story, and how to communicate that in person and digitally.

Take inventory of how you are, what your unique value is, and how to tell your story.

Learn how to write a clear and engaging bio, elevator pitch, mission statement, and more.

Turn your online presence into something that represents you.

Get a strategy for putting your brand out there on social media and more


– Heather Brokner 

I desperately needed to learn who I was, what makes me unique and how to communicate that. I finally am able to do that and new opportunities are arriving in my life constantly.

Jen’s personal branding course is an actionable deep dive into figuring out who you are, what you want to achieve in life, how to tell your story and most importantly, how to communicate that to others in person and digitally. Everyone needs this course! I’ve told ten of my friends to sign-up and they adore it.

The Unstuck Series

A 4-week challenge and coaching series to help you get out of a rut, find motivation again, and zero in on your purpose. Get re-energized, shake off bad habits, and breathe passion into your life.

Take inventory of how you’re feeling, what your next steps/goals are, and what’s truly stopping you.

Learn how to prioritize your life’s action items, find accountability, stick to deadlines, and pause distractions.

Shake things up with out-of-the-box challenges that will inspire you to take small steps toward big changes.

Set yourself up for ongoing success and productivity, plus get the tools you need to manage future feelings of being stuck.


– Anna Fried 

“With Jen's guidance and expertise, I was able to identify and articulate short, middle, and long-term goals. Jen helped me establish a plan for how to attack those goals.”

I highly recommend the Unstuck Series because it is actionable and Jen holds you accountable for whatever change you are looking to make in your life. If you are looking to make a change in your life, stop waiting and check out the unstuck series now.

Launch a Stand-Out Side Hustle

Turn your passion, skill, hobby, or idea into a money-making side hustle. This course will guide you through everything you need to get your business up and running smoothly in 2021.

Understand yourself as an entrepreneur and assess the unique value you’ll bring to your business.

Refine your side hustle idea so it’s a standout business in your industry that also lets you scale and grow over time.

Learn how to find your target audience, set pricing, set up a website, and create a memorable and one of a kind brand.

Get an actionable strategy to find new clients and customers, scale your offerings, and market your business without a big budget. 


– Jenna Graham

Jen understands every aspect that is rooted in the fear of public speaking, and she details actionable tips and guidelines that truly make a difference! Taking this course was a game changer

After the course, I spoke at a virtual summit. I used the tools which Jen provided and for the first time in years, I spoke with confidence and ease. I was able to control my nerves and engage the audience—all because of Jen’s unique and actionable tips. This is truly life changing!

Become a Stronger Public Speaker

Level up your speaking skills with this course, which provides personalized feedback, so you can ditch the nerves and feel confident when you’re in front of opportunities in life that put the spotlight on you.

Understand your speaking assessment so you can hold on to your strengths, know what you need to improve on, and incorporate a personalized warm-up into your speaking routine.

Get a comprehensive public speaking tool kit so you can master confidence, find your true speaking voice, delete the word umm from your vocabulary, and more.

Learn how to handle your nerves when they get in the way and how to deal with curveball questions during a presentation or interview.

Engage the audience with speaking tips and tricks that will make your presentation, story, or answers to questions memorable for all the right reasons.



“I noticed a big difference from the beginning to the end of the course.”

Jen is an excellent public speaking coach! I love that the lessons are pre-recorded so it's flexible to watch on my own schedule. It was great to receive personalized feedback from Jen every week! I noticed a big difference from the beginning to the end of the course. I highly recommend this to anyone!

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