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You’re not getting any younger. It’s time to FINALLY do that thing, conquer that goal, make that ooey gooey life change you’ve wanted to make for ages. I know how to make that happen.

Imagine having a step-by-step plan that leads you right to your goal. How about a sidekick of a coach who helps make it feel easy, doable, and fun? What if you said goodbye to excuses, what-ifs, and self-doubt and took control of what you deserve in life?

You don’t have to do it alone.


Life’s looked like a messy game of Connect the Dots, and I traded my dreams for weeks of Netflix binging.

So what changed? Becoming a self-made entrepreneur, 3x author, podcaster, professional speaker, and digital creator happened only after I unpacked my fears and had a clear focus and game plan.

I’ve been at this for a decade and have developed foolproof strategies that, when personalized to you and your objectives, will change your life—big time.

My job is to question your limiting beliefs and challenge you to think outside the box so you can trade your excuses and what-ifs for a realistic game plan that empowers you to expand your life, career, and dreams.

I’ve got your back and your goals.

How it works

Pre-Session Access


Get instant access to your personalized coaching portal with tons of resources, tools, and a pre-session meet-and-greet worksheet so you can share the ins and outs about you, your goals, and your adventure so far.

Our Jen & Juice Session


We’ll meet for 1 hour over Zoom and work on actionable (and digestible) strategies and next steps and sort through any challenges or things currently holding you back. I’m known for my unique advice, proven results, and honest tone that’s sprinkled with humor.

Post-Session Game Plan


After each session, you’ll get the audio file from our call and a detailed document with next steps, resources, and accountability practices to help you actually accomplish everything we talked about. Consider me your email pen pal between sessions. I’m there for you! 

Fast facts about Jen & Juice Coaching


hours of coaching





What if you finally...

Stopped second-guessing your direction, purpose, next steps, or how to get started?

Had an expert by your side, guiding you to accomplish more than you ever imagined?

Traded in excuses, what-ifs, or self-doubt for the success you truly deserve?

Had a curated and personalized game plan that made your goals feel less complicated and more doable to achieve?

– Di Luong

“I loved working with Jen because she is meticulous, professional, and has a unique style. Jen gives the same high level of exuberance and expert knowledge during every session."

My main squeeze specialties


Personal Development: working with you on the skills, strategies, and strengths you need to level up as a human in 2021.

Personal branding to stand out and grab new opportunities. Career mapping for changes, swifts, or growth. Public speaking to communicate effectively. Interview and resume preparation. Strategies to propel you into thought leadership or to become an influencer. Pivot methods to help you become a freelancer, consultant, or coach. 


Start Something: empowering you to ditch excuses and *finally* get going on that business, podcast, book, course, or life change.

Turn an idea for a side hustle into a full-fledged business plan with actionable next steps. Identify your passions, hobbies, or skills and turn them into something you can monetize. Strategically start a fresh and extraordinary podcast, blog, or social media account. Everything you need to know about writing a book. How to start a coaching business or create online courses.


Growth Hacks: teaching you everything you need to know to reach your goals (personally, professionally, or within your business).

Brand strategy to stand out in your industry and tell your story. PR planning so your business or brand goes viral. Digital marketing tactics to reach new eyeballs, increase sales, and scale your idea. Social media tricks and makeovers so you can truly engage with your audience and not annoy them. Outside-the-box ideas that’ll propel you into top-of-mind status with your audience. 


Get Unstuck: motivating you to ditch habits, structure accountability, grab a hold of a purpose, and move forward in your beautiful life.

Unpacking imposter syndrome and providing personalized ways to actively conquer those pop-up feelings. Swapping bad habits with powerful routines. Identifying time suckers in your day and how to manage your life. Goal setting with accountability practices. Transforming fear of rejection and failure.


Career Changes: helping you strategize the next steps in your career, whether it’s a new job, a promotion, or a big move to a new industry.

Guiding you through the job hunting process, from improving your resume and cover letter to interview preparation. Working on a plan to help you get a promotion or new job title within your current company. Taking your skills and expertise and strategizing how to make a move to a new and different industry. 

Meet Some Jen & Juicers

Christina Bute

 “I decided to invest in 1:1 coaching and have never felt clearer about my future.”

After taking Jen’s personal branding course, I decided to invest in 1:1 coaching and have never felt clearer about my future. During each session, I can tell that she wants me to win while giving helpful and useful feedback. She challenged me on a potential next step—after some reflection, her rationale made sense and ended up pivoting my plan. If you want to level up, hire Jen or enroll in one of her courses—it will be 100% worth it!

Julia Bianco Schoeffling

 “Jen gave me expert advice that allowed me to see areas of opportunity I wouldn’t have come up with on my own.”

Jen helped me examine and break through a lot of excuses I had around finishing projects (a book and launching my podcast) and gave me clear and hugely helpful coaching so I could start making progress on both that I felt good about. I’m happy to say her coaching left a huge impact. Truly. The guidance she gave me has me showing up every week to work on both, which has increased my confidence, self-esteem and a sense of trust in myself.

Sonya Askew

“Jen has the unique ability of educating you and motivating you.”

Enlisting the coaching services of Jen Glantz has been one of the smartest business decisions I’ve ever made for my career advice website. Even as an experienced sales/marketing music executive. Jen has the unique ability of educating you and motivating you. I found myself looking forward to each of our sessions because I knew ‘Jen the Wizard’ would have the answer for any challenges I was dealing with. If you’re looking for someone who is knowledgeable, resource savvy and has a proven track record, Jen Glantz is the 5-star consultant professional for you.

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Television Singer & Writer



CEO of Black Girls Eat



Relationship coach

Jen & Juice Coaching

The 90-Day Juice Pack

Success happens with a solid plan and over a span of time.
During our 3 months of working together, we’ll conquer specific goals, optimize the game plan along the way (based on what’s working well), and make sure you’re held accountable, with your trusty sidekick to empower you. 
Between sessions, we’ll touch base over email, and I’ll send you personalized feedback as you make progress. 

3 months of coaching and access to Jen Glantz as your expert coach

Your Juice Pack Includes:

3 coaching sessions a month that fit into your schedule for accountability and growth

Access to a personalized portal, pre-session workbook, call recap guides with next steps after each session, email check-ins, and feedback on progress

Curated tools, resources, and examples to tap into along the way

And more personalized bonuses that’ll hit your inbox (and mailbox) at the end of each month

The One Month Juice Box

It’s not a myth. A lot can really change and improve in just one month. This coaching option is great for a person who wants to get moving on a project, a goal, or a life task in a short amount of time. 

Working together for a month will allow us to strategize major ways for you to make wins in your life. In between each session, we'll communicate via email for check-ins, accountability and to make sure any and all questions are asked before we chat again. 

1 month of coaching and access to Jen Glantz as your expert coach

The One MONTH Juice Box includes:

3 coaching sessions a month that fit into your schedule for accountability and growth

Access to a personalized portal, pre-session workbook, call recap guides with next steps after each session, email check-ins and feedback on progress

Curated tools, resources, and examples to tap into along the way

Email support in-between sessions so you can stay on track and get accountability

most popular

Grab Your Juice Pack

Grab Your Juice BOX

The One-Hour Juicer

As time goes on, you might find yourself in a tug-of-war with your goals, to-do list, or life decisions.

This one-hour intensive session will help you sort out any knots in your life, career, or goals and get you back on track.

I’ll provide you with a game plan to follow, challenges to complete, and a to-do list that feels completely doable. After our session, you’ll have access to my inbox for one week for follow-up questions or advice.

(1) 1-hour session and access to Jen Glantz as your expert coach

Your One-Hour Juicer Includes:

A pre-session workbook to familiarize me with your goals and current challenges so we can best use the time we spend during our 1-hour session

A post-session recap with next steps to take, challenges to complete, and a to-do list to conquer

Access to my inbox for one week post-session for additional questions


2021 Coaching Success Stories

6 of my clients wrote, published, and sold their first book in less than a year

12 of my clients got new jobs, increased their salary, or switched careers

7 of my clients started side hustles, profitable businesses, and start-ups

9 of my clients started a new project (podcast, blog, newsletter, or said yes to a big life change they really wanted to do)

Thinking Any of These Questions?

What happens after I buy a package?

Once you select the coaching package that fits your goals best, you’ll be able to get a date on the calendar for our first session. After it’s officially booked, you’ll get instant access to your personalized coaching portal with tons of resources, tools, and a pre-session meet-and-greet worksheet so you can share the ins and outs about you, your goals, and your adventure so far. I’ll also send you a welcome email with even more details, including how to reach me between sessions or before our very first chat.

Stuck on picking the right package? Send me an email and let’s chat:

Where do the sessions take place?

I work with Jen & Juice clients all over the world, from Seattle to Singapore. To make these sessions feel like we’re sitting across from each other at a coffee table, I host the sessions over Zoom video. If you prefer to chat on the phone or use a different video conferencing platform, we absolutely can do that instead.

What goes on during the session?

We’ll kick the session off with an overview of the details you shared on your pre-session worksheet and discuss your coaching goals. We’ll prioritize everything you’d like to cover and optimize the session so you get the most out of each call. 
For ongoing clients, we’ll start the call with a recap of any work you’ve done since we last chatted, any new challenges and goals, and what’s working/what’s not working.
During the call, count on me to scribble down all the notes. I’ll send you a post-call game plan with next steps and things to work on before we chat next. Want to review what we chatted about? You’ll also receive the audio file from our call so you can replay it whenever you’d like.

What happens after the session ends?

After our call ends, you’ll get a recap email from me with notes and a game plan from our call. It’ll be anything but overwhelming. I break everything up into next steps with suggested deadlines, plus I share endless tools to tap into, resources to check out, and examples to help inspire you. 
As you get going, you also have access to my inbox to share questions, progress, or new pop-up challenges you’re facing.

What is it like working 1:1 with you as my coach?

Every single coaching experience is different. I take the time to get to know each client, understand their expectations and goals, and make the entire coaching adventure feel personalized.

I've working with a lot of people over the years and would love for you to hear what the coaching experience is like from them. Check out a few testimonials right here

– Rothie Banzuelo

"One statement that resonated with me and why I wanted to work with her was this: ‘I'm a strong advocate for everyone to start their own business.’ At that time I lost my job and was adamant at finding one. However, I had a business idea and after my first meeting with Jen, I created my website and launched it a week later. Her strategies and ideas are brilliant, and they work only if you apply it to your business. I wouldn't be where I am now without her professional guidance because after each session, I'm always left feeling motivated with a new project to move my business forward." 

Grab your free worksheet

Take inventory of the high-five worthy moments in your life and the next-step changes you want to make.
Not sure what should be on your "life" to-do list next? Let this inventory worksheet help get you started on that.



Pen Pals

Monday called. It’s ready to be fun again! Dropping into your inbox every Monday at 6am to pep-talk you out of bed & inspire you to take on the world.

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Hey! I’m Jen Glantz

I’m a Brooklyn-based writer who turned a Craigslist ad into a viral business and a six-figure empire. I’m sharing all of my secrets so together, we can work on getting you started on that *thing* you’ve been daydreaming about for far too long.