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the push to get out of bed on a monday morning

The Monday
Pick Me Up

A Monday morning pep-talk filled with snazzy advice, relatable stories, and life-changing tips to help you get out of bed and jumpstart your week.

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– Trista Nord

I can't believe I'm saying this but I honesty look forward to waking up at 6am, checking my inbox, and reading The Pick Me Up while I toss and turn in my bed. 

I've been a subscriber of this newsletter from day one and it's always such a joy to read. Jen shares honest, raw, and really relatable stories, tips, advice, and a bunch of random pick-me-ups that I find myself referencing all week and sharing with people in my life. It's a fun way to start the week. 

Scared to Be a Mom

Scared to Be a Mom is an honest spot on the internet where humans confess + chat what it's really like to be pregnant & have a baby - when you seriously doubt that you’re ready, willing, or able to be someone’s mom.

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– sam kantor

“I was feeling really nervous about becoming a new mom and during my pregnancy journey, I discovered the Scared to Be a Mom newsletter. It was life-changing.”

There's a lot of content out there for pregnant people and moms-to-be, but a lot of it is generic and not that helpful. Reading Jen's Scared to Be a Mom newsletter was truly a spark of joy during a difficult time in my life. It felt like reading a best friend's diary and I enjoyed all her recommendations too. 

Odd Jobs Newsletter

A newsletter all about the types of careers that don't fit inside cubicles and how you can start an unusual side hustle, using your current skills, hobbies, and interests. 

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– rob graham

"I love reading Odd Jobs newsletter because it feels like I'm getting a business degree just by consuming the ideas, information, and tips that enter my inbox once a week."

I first heard about the newsletter when Jen was a guest on James Altucher's podcast. It sounded like an awesome read and it's something I look forward to reading. I found a few ideas from the newsletter that have helped me bring in a side income that's been really good to have.

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Monday called. It’s ready to be fun again! Dropping into your inbox every Monday at 6am to pep-talk you out of bed & inspire you to take on the world.

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Hey! I’m Jen Glantz

I’m a Brooklyn-based writer and entrepreneur who turned a Craigslist ad into a viral business & a six-figure empire. I host a podcast, write newsletters, and create odd jobs. I'm here to help you live, think, and take adventures that tap into your wildest dreams and remind you that: You're not getting any younger.






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