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Shark Week

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August 3, 2011

Shark Week, you bring out the worst in people.

When the two week mark hits before Shark Week begins people start getting prepared–as if there was something to prepare for!  Clearing out their DVRs, cancelling their doctors appointments and dinners with Grandma, and brainstorming witty Facebook statuses  for the infamous week.

“Live every week like it’s Shark Week” What does that even mean?

Myself, well, every year i give it a chance.

I find myself perched up at the tv watching some guy night diving around tiger sharks with my hands failing in the air shouting out loud, “OMG why would you do that! You are going to die”

Similar to my reaction while watching the Casey Anthony trial for two months.

Which leads me to fully understand  that people enjoy watching things on television that they would never want to be attached to them in real life. How many of us would actually want to end up check to check with a shark in the deep blue sea? How many of us would want to be seen on TMZ being buddy buddy with Casey Anthony?

But, when these things are laid out for us on the big screen we watch, idly, on the edge of our seats. And just before we are about to vomit or have had enough we turn it off and go on with our lives.

I think it is healthy.

Or, at least the healthiest way to fill up that space in our brain that is attracted to, viewing at a distance, the train wrecks of the world.

So, go on and live each week like it is Shark Week. Whether that means you spend every week getting cosy with your brown leather couch or it just means that you seek as much adventure and thrill as possible in your life. And when you feel like you are still lacking some drama or intensity there will always be something, a Real Housewives of somewhere, on TV to help fill that gap.

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