Portland: I Am Not Good Enough

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October 31, 2017

We walked by @powellsbooks (a humongous and famous bookstore in Portland) and Adam said that it’s going to be so cool to one day see my name on their big sign outside of authors giving talks there and I rolled my eyes at him because the other day, I went into the bookstore, which is an entire city block long, and asked if they sold #alwaysabridesmaidforhire and after twenty minutes of searching, the guy behind the desk said no, and I felt lame, and I felt bad, and I walked down the hundreds of rows of books and wondered why these others books were living there and mine wasn’t, because It deserves to be, I know it does.

And then, outside of the book store, Adam said to me, fine.

Never mind.

You’ll never get up on that sign.

And he looked at me waiting for fire to come from my eyes because he knows the only thing that gets me motivated, sometimes, is the desire to prove people wrong, and it worked because I said, oh, yeah, watch me!

Because if you want something bad enough, and you give up everything to get it, you will, eventually, get it. You just will.

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