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November 1, 2017

“Nobody says goodbye unless they want to see you again.” – John Green

@adamkossoff and I started this adventure, 30 days ago, when we ditched our NYC apartments, packed up all or stuff, and swapped our work from home life to be a work from anywhere life. We pinky-promised that every 30 days, we’d head to a different city.

Portland was our first spot. It was a place neither of us had ever been. It’s now a place I am so so so sad to leave. I’m happy again, here. I smile for so many reasons and I laugh more than I have in a long time.

And I feel creative and I feel powerful and I feel awake.

And maybe that’s because of the fresh air and the kind people or the sweet way this city carries a beautifully weird vibe, but I hope to spend a chunk of my life here again, one day soon.

What I’ve learned so far, on this adventure, is that home is any place you can take a deep breath and that when you trade comfort for a bit of chaos, you will find brand new people, places and things you desperately love.

Up next: #brooklyn for 30 days and then………well, stay tuned.

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