Get Your Personal Brand Alive & Kickin'

A strong and clear personal brand can land you new opportunities, identify your unique value, and help you tell your story in a meaningful way.



A 4-Week Personal BrandingCourse with Real-Time Feedback 


If you had a clear and memorable way of answering the most frequently asked questions

Who are you?
What do you do?
What do you want to accomplish?

Would you feel confident to show up and go after opportunities and secret goals buried on your life's to-do list?

Dream job/Buzz-worthy podcast/$$ generating side biz/Brand partnerships/Career advancement/A cure for imposter syndrome

You have the influence, the accomplishments, and the unique value to go after what you want.

What's missing?

You need a strong, clear, and powerful personal brand.

There's so much happening right now that we can't control.

Watching the news for an hour makes our skin tingle and our brains zoom around all of the what-ifs?

But WHAT IF we spent one hour a week doing something for ourselves?

Something that'll make any change or goal we want to accomplish feel foolproof?

Something that will make us ready if we change careers, suddenly get laid off, or start a side hustle or that really jazzy podcast/blog/project we've been daydreaming about for a while?

Imagine being able to:

Understand and communicate your unique value 

Have a website that tells your story to compliment your 1-page resume

Have a memorable answer to the question "What do you do?" that doesn't start with "umm . . ."

Have a strong personal brand that gets you top-of-mind status

Snag new opportunities with an impressive personal brand as your first impression

Say goodbye to constant imposter syndrome 

Actually figure out what your next "life" step should be based on your strengths

Have a finished and live digital presence that showcases who you are

Google yourself and be proud of what pops up


I'm Jen Glantz, and I want to help you build your personal brand so you can be prepared to go after the things you want this year. 

I've been a to-do list conqueror since early 2011 when I set out to make big changes in my life.

2011: I started a blog after online publications wouldn't publish my essays.
2012: I saved up money and applied for over 200 jobs before landing one and moving to NYC.
2013: I finally got over ten well-known online publications to publish my writing.
2014: I landed a dream job at a start-up and published my first book.
2015: I started the headline-making business Bridesmaid for Hire.
2016: I got laid off from my full-time job and became 100% my own boss. Started consulting and doing in-house workshops for companies like Google, Hyatt Hotels, and HBO. Began my 1:1 coaching program. Doubled my old "full-time job" income.
2017: I published my second book through Simon and Schuster. Sold 90% of my belongings to live in a new city every month.
2018: I launched the You're Not Getting Any Younger podcast and Facebook group.
2019: I created Finally the Bride, an online platform where over 100,000 strangers have voted on all my wedding decisions.
2020: I turned my mistakes, experience, and expert strategy into programs to help others start big things (starting with small steps).

The resume/cover letter duo NEVER helped me get a job. There wasn't a magic trick I used to publish my book or start my business.

But there was one thing that helped me land new customers, listeners, readers, and job opportunities:


My personal brand. 

I'll tell you the truth.


How the program works



Every Monday for 4 weeks you'll get an email with part of the video course to digest, dive into, and make progress on. The course contains videos, assignments, personalized feedback, and email support.
Every Monday, for 4-weeks, you'll get an email with a part of the video course to digest, dive into and make progress on. The course contains video, assignments, personalized feedback & email support.



Inside, you'll find a video on that week's lesson on public speaking, guided worksheets, and a list of assignments to complete and send back by Sunday. That way, you'll stay accountable.



You'll get personalized feedback sent to you on Sunday morning plus email support to answer all your questions. By the end of week 4, you will have drastically improved as a public speaker, and you will have the tools you need to meet any audience.

A 4-week LIVE interactive digital course, sent to you in pieces, so you can put together your personal brand step-by-step.


What's inside the course



When was the last time someone asked you for your strengths and areas of improvement? Either on a job interview (and you lied) or a first date (and you rolled your eyes). Part 1 of the course is about taking inventory of who you are, your unique value, and the long list of skills and accomplishments you often forget you have. Consider this a time to get to know YOU and fight off imposter syndrome.


tell your story

Get the heebie-jeebies when someone asks, "What do you do?" and wish you had a way to answer it in a clear and concise way? Want a bio that tells your story in an organized way? Wish you could share with the world your values, skills, accomplishments, and uniqueness without sounding stiff like in a cover letter or like those braggadocios who post constantly about themselves on Facebook? Here's where you'll learn how to mush together your story and tell it in a compelling way, whether in person, in a cover letter, or for a professional bio.


publish your personal brand

You need a home base: personal assets that are more than just a 1-page resume and cover letter that sound like they were written by a robot. You deserve more than that. Here's where you learn how to build an easy website for yourself (so you can own your Google search results for your name), what should be on there, how to update your LinkedIn bio, and how to showcase your brand everywhere it needs to be seen.


spread your value

Keep your personal brand visible by providing value to others. Maybe that's a blog, podcast, or email newsletter, or maybe that's just by using social media for a purpose. Here's where you will learn the options for how to build a strategy to put your personal brand out there so you gain top-of-mind status and show up for your audience in the way they need it the most.

Eyeball Some of My Recent Feedback

Sarah B.

“Jen's personal branding expertise helped me tell my story in a clear and concise way. Because of that, I landed a job in a new industry.”

Alyssa Z.

“I used this program to get my personal brand up and running fast so I could score brand partnerships for my podcast and blog.”

Dan G.

“Jen helped me start a powerful and unique personal brand that helped my photography business gain success and visibility in my industry.”

Thinking Any of These Questions?

How does this work?

The program officially starts when you press ENROLL! On that day, you'll get an email with course information and next steps. Then, on the very next Monday, you'll receive an email with part 1 of the video course, your list of public speaking tasks for the week, deadlines, and information on how to receive your personalized feedback. Week after week, you'll notice progress in how you speak and in your confidence.
Once you enroll, you'll receive an email that includes a form to fill out so I can learn more about you and your public speaking goals plus my personal contact information so I can be there to give you weekly email support.​
The program spans over 4 weeks. Every Monday, you'll get an email with that week's course materials, tasks, and deadlines. The videos are in small, digestible pieces, and the tasks shouldn't take you more than 30 minutes every week. I'm here to work with you and hold you accountable. 

By the end of this program, you'll have a personal brand alive and kicking!

Should I wait and take this course later?

Now is always the best time! Even though I built the course to run over the course of 4 weeks, you can take it at your own pace. You'll also have access to the course for 1 year after it starts. 

The course is a self-study course that was made to fit any busy schedule. You can jump into the course during any free moments.

What if I fall behind?

I'm here to help, work with you, and hold you accountable. If something comes up, and you can't keep up with the course or the tasks, we'll chat 1:1 to adjust deadlines. I'm committed to helping you become a stronger speaker without making you feel stressed or overwhelmed.
What will I get at the end of the course?
Your personal brand will be finished by the end of the course. That includes a firm understanding of who you are, your unique value, how to talk about yourself, a strong bio and elevator pitch, a brand, a website, a social media strategy, and framework to use your brand for additional opportunities (a new job, a podcast, partnerships with brands, a new business, and more). 

What will I get at the end of the course?

Your personal brand will be finished by the end of the course. That includes a firm understanding of who you are, your unique value, how to talk about yourself, a strong bio and elevator pitch, a brand, a website, social media strategy and framework to use your brand for additional opportunities (a new job, podcast, partnerships with brands, a new business and more). 

Who is this course for?

Anyone who struggles answering the question "what do you do?" has no online presence when they Google themselves, wants to have a clear and concise way to tell their personal story, is starting or has a project (business, podcast, blog, etc.), wants to get a new job or swap industries, wants to move up in their own company, or wants to take inventory of their life and have personal assets other than a resume or cover letter.

Do you offer discounts?

I do offer a payment plan to make this course more accessible to everyone. Here's where you can do that.

A 4-Week Course


Learn skills, do assignments, get weekly feedback


Hey! I’m Jen Glantz

I’m a Brooklyn-based writer who turned a Craigslist ad into a viral business and a six-figure empire. I’m sharing all of my secrets so together, we can work on getting you started on that *thing* you’ve been daydreaming about for far too long.