Become a Stronger Public Speaker

Becoming a confident speaker can land you new opportunities, allow you to fully express yourself, and prepare you to show up and speak up in any situation.



A 4-Week Public Speaking Course with Real-Time & Personalized Feedback


Hey, you! It's your turn to speak up.

No matter what your goals or plans are, public speaking skills ALWAYS come in handy.

*Career advancement
*Panel requests
*Interviewing skills
*Telling stories
*Giving presentations and speeches
*Communicating with confidence 
You have a voice, a perspective, and the knowledge to sound great as a speaker.

So what's missing?

You need the right tools, tricks, and skills to feel confident, handle nerves, and engage your audience.

Does Public Speaking Makes Your Stomach Ruffle?

Are you frustrated with how speaking engagements have gone in the past? Have you ever said no to opportunities because they involved speaking to an audience? Is your gut telling you that your speaking skills can use a makeover?

Now is the time to level up your speaking skills because, before you know it, someone will pass you the microphone or email you that you have to present on Wednesday.

So WHAT IF you spent one hour a week becoming a stronger speaker? Getting personalized feedback? Learning tools you'll actually use when you speak to audiences?

This course is for you if

The idea of public speaking makes your stomach feel like it’s bouncing on a trampoline.

You’ve felt held back in your career or life because you don’t feel like a strong speaker.

It’s been on your to-do list to take a public speaking class.

You’re eager to improve as a speaker, over a 4 week period, without having to leave the couch.

You’d like to brush up on your public speaking skills and get feedback on what you’re great at and what you can improve on.

You’re sick and tired of using the word umm when you speak.

You want personalized feedback without having to share the classroom with other people.

You want to strengthen your voice, take up space when talking to an audience, and look/feel confident.

You speak at conferences, on panels, on Zoom calls, over the phone, as a podcast or TV guest, in conference rooms, on dates, and to friends. You need public speaking skills more than you think. You use them every single day!


I'm Jen Glantz, and I want to help you conquer your fears and prepare you with powerful tools so that a fear of public speaking never holds you back in life.

The truth is, I've been in your sweaty shoes before.

Growing up, I was painfully shy. So shy that when people asked me my name, I'd break out in hives and turn red. 
Fast-forward to today and I love public speaking. I speak on stages with thousands of people in the audience, do live TV, host a podcast, give workshops to companies (Apple, Google, WeWork, etc.) all over the country, and have given more maid-of-honor speeches than I'd like to admit.

The truth is, I've learned to love speaking, and I'm glad I do because, for so many years, my fear of talking made me miss out on big opportunities and self-expression. I spent so many years of my life praying that the teacher wouldn't call on me in class or saying no to things (from jobs to social events) because I didn't feel confident speaking to others.

People always gasp when they hear that I was terrified to speak and am now a professional speaker who gets hired by companies and has worked with over 15,000 people on their speaking skills.

They want to know my secret. They want to know how I transformed.

I packaged together every single thing a person needs to learn and do so they can feel confident and be more engaging as a speaker.
The course not only has expert advice, but you also get feedback on your public speaking skills and a personalized plan detailing what to improve on. 


here's the secret


How the program works



Every Monday, for 4-weeks, a section of the course will drop. Inside, you'll find video lessons, challenges & assignments, personalized feedback + coaching, and ongoing support from me.



Every week, you'll watch engaging & entertaining videos on that week's public speaking lesson, guided worksheets and a list of assignments to complete & send back by Sunday. I'm here to help you make progress along the way.



You'll get personalized feedback sent to you on Sunday morning + email support to answer all your questions. By the end of week four, you will drastically improve as a public speaker & have the tools you need to engage any audience.

A 4-week interactive digital course, sent to you in pieces, so you improve your speaking skills - step-by-step.


What's inside the course


what makes a good speaker great

First things first: what bugs you about public speaking? The course kicks off with you taking inventory of what makes you nervous, what you think you can improve on, and what makes you a good speaker (there's a long list you might not have ever thought about). You'll also learn the 10 things that make any speaker extraordinary and memorable plus examples of good speakers to check out. You'll also piece together your pre-speech warm-up that'll help you feel confident and ditch imposter syndrome.


public speaking tool kit

Dive into the tools and tricks, which you'll take with you for life, to show confidence and feel ready to face any audience. You'll learn body language techniques (for both sitting and standing), how to never say the word umm again, how to bring enthusiasm to any topic you have to speak on, and more. This is the section where you'll start to really see what your strengths are as a speaker and what you can improve on that you never thought about before.


how to handle nerves

The truth is, your nerves will never fully go away when you speak to an audience, but you can learn tricks to feel less nervous faster. We'll unpack why you get nervous and how to handle your nerves when they pop up throughout your presentation. We'll also cover how to practice (the right way) before a presentation and how to prepare for questions (when you don't always have an answer) and are put on the spot.


engage your audience

Rule number one of public speaking is that your presentation is about your audience. So how do you engage them? Keep them interested? Make them feel involved? This section will cover what to include to make your presentation stand out and stay memorable to your audience. Plus it covers how to incorporate storytelling into your presentation.

Eyeball Some of this course's Recent Feedback

Alessandra Z.

“This course transformed me as a speaker. It gave me confidence to volunteer for speaking ops at work (never thought I'd do that) and lead webinars without constantly saying umm. I'm happy I took it!”

Paula M.

“I've always been scared to speak. I'm entirely introverted and loved the pace of this course and how it was at home, yet had a personalized feel. Jen sent me feedback on assignments every week. I now have the tools I need to get past my fears.”

Max E.

“Worth every penny! This course changed how I approach public speaking. I feel like I can handle a 500-person audience or a Zoom team meeting where I used to sit on mute and hope nobody asked me a question. I'm ready for anything now.”

Thinking Any of These Questions?

How does this work?

You get instant access to the course when you enroll. Once inside, you can begin diving in and working on part 1 of the course. You'll have a week to watch the short video lessons, work on assignments, complete the challenges, and send them over for feedback. Every week, a new part drops for you to conquer. 
Week after week, you'll notice progress in how you speak and in your your confidence. Most people see drastic change by week 2. By the end of this course, you'll have the tricks and tips you need to feel more prepared as a public speaker! 

Should I wait and take this course later?

Now is always the best time! Even though I built the course to run over the course of 4 weeks, you can take it at your own pace. You'll also have access to the course for life so you can refer back to lessons and tips whenever you'd like. Plus we close enrollment quite frequently because this course is highly in demand and we can only offer a certain number of spots.

What if I fall behind?

I'm here to help, work with you, and hold you accountable. If something comes up, and you can't keep up with the course or the tasks, we'll chat 1:1 to adjust deadlines. I'm committed to helping you become a stronger speaker without making you feel stressed or overwhelmed. 

What will I get at the end of the course?

You will drastically improve as a public speaker from start to finish. You'll have the tools you need to feel confident, look confident, and handle your nerves. You'll also have a strategy to use on how to put together an engaging presentation—in person or over video. Plus you will be ready for curveballs, like pop-up questions or distractions, that come when you speak. 

Who is this course for?

Anyone who struggles with public speaking and finds themselves getting too nervous to say what they mean or show confidence in front of an audience. If you've let opportunities go or always wanted to face your fears as a speaker, this at-home course (with personalized feedback) is the perfect and nonintimidating way to up your public speaking skills. Trust me, you'll need those skills throughout life.

Do you offer discounts?

A 4-Week Course


Learn top public speaking skills, take on fun challenges & get weekly feedback


Hey! I’m Jen Glantz

I’m a Brooklyn-based writer who turned a Craigslist ad into a viral business and a six-figure empire. I’m sharing all of my secrets so together, we can work on getting you started on that *thing* you’ve been daydreaming about for far too long.