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November 10, 2019

For two entire years of my life, I lived in a new place every month or so. I moved 17 times.

But before the move, came the toss of so many “things” and behind me in this photo was what I decided to keep: garbage bags of clothes I hoped to wear again, shoes I’ve walked miles in and often gave me blisters – but still – I needed them, bridesmaid dresses that I knew I’d never wear again. Stuff. That two years later, I still haven’t touched.

I had lemonade with a friend last week who put her entire life in storage to travel the world for a year and I asked if she missed anything when she was gone.

She answered: No. Not the stuff.

We rarely miss what we put inside bags, storage units, taped up boxes. We only miss the stuff we lost along the way.

That’s not a metaphor for life, that’s just life.

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