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Where You Can Buy All My Friends Are Engaged (The Perfect Thanksgivukkah Gift)


November 21, 2013

All My Friends are Engaged has flirted with e-book shelves across the world wide web. You can now find it on:

iTunes-Read it on your Apple device

Amazon-This one is for all you Kindle readers.

Barnes & Noble-Where my Nook people at?

Google Play-Android in the house.

Don’t have an e-reader? No problem–neither do I. You can easily read the book on your computer, smart phone, or iPad by downloading the Kindle app. Then, just go to Amazon and in a single click the book will be sent to that app for your eyes to devour.

If you buy the book as a Thanksgivukkah or Christmas gift for someone this year, I’ll write you a personalized note to go with it! For less than a slice of pizza (with toppings, of course) you can get your best friend, your co-worker, your mom a gift AND a card.

Just send me an e-mail: thethingslearned@gmail.com

Here’s what people are saying about the book so far + Here’s where you can read the first chapter (for free)

Thank you, really, for your support. Your love. Your kindness. And your motivation to never give up.

Happy holidays, my friends.

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