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The Second Week Of July

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July 10, 2014

We’re already half-way done with July! Where does the time go? This week has been exotically chaotic. I read a quote this morning that said: I’ll take a stressful, mad adventure over 1,000 days of peace and quiet. Maybe weeks that knock us around – are the ones we need more of in our lives. The ones that wake us up and remind us that time is precious. Here are 7 things that made my eyes pop today:

1. At the top of my reading list

Is Goldfinch. I have it sitting on my coffee table at home – yet everywhere I go someone tells me I need to read it. I met someone randomly in California last weekend who told me how that book was one of the greatest novels he has read in a long time. I like hearing those kind of exclamations!

2. This week, I launched a brand new website

Called Bridesmaid for Hire! It’s based on my recent professional bridesmaid ad that went viral on Craigslist.

3. Give someone a handshake

Or a hug…Did you know that it will make them trust you more? It’s a great ice breaker and a beautiful way to get someone to feel comfortable with you from the start.

4. The World Cup

Makes us all a bit mad. What if we acted like that all day, every day?

5. Talk to strangers

And try, really hard, to make some of them your friends. Here’s how.

6. A movie I can’t wait to see – based on the book “Wild

7. If you’re an indecisive person…

Try getting a Hena tattoo and enjoying it for a few weeks. I’ve had mine on for almost a week (it’s a slice of pizza!)

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