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The Last Week Of June

Personal advice

June 26, 2014

Are you ready to say goodbye to June? I’m totally not. This month was the first month I didn’t have to hug my body with an over sized winter coat. It feels oh, so, good. Sweaty – but good. July is almost a kiss away and as long as it promises to stay for a little while, i’ll be okay with saying goodbye to little old June.

1. There’s coconut water everywhere these days

But did you know that coconut oil is good for things like your skin and hair? Can be used as deodorant or help clean your bathroom? After i read this article, I ordered myself a gigantic tub of coconut oil off Amazon.

2. Do you ever notice how people date people who look just like their EX’s?

I do. It’s always a bit odd to me how someone i know will break up with their boyfriend and within months, date someone who looks exactly like them. This new dating site helps you find people who look just like your EX  – creepy? Kind of.

3. What’s your SPF #?

Before you pick up some sunscreen for this summer weather, here’s what you should look for when you’re reading labels.

4. Nobody wants to look like they just rolled out of bed…

Even though sometimes we do and we have no choice but to spray some dry shampoo in our hair and put on an outfit that’s only kind of, sort of wrinkled. Here’s some fun tips to keep you looking fresh when you’re just not in a “getting ready” mood.

5. What we post on Facebook vs. What’s really happening in our lives

6. What do your recently used Emojis say about you?

I found out thanks to this cool blog. I’m #55!

7. Yes, All My Friends are Engaged

But celebrating love again & again is one of the most beautiful things we can say yes to in our tiny little lives.

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