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Thanksgiving Eve

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November 23, 2011

The day before Thanksgiving our stomachs are in a perpetual state of preparation.

I have found myself dozing off at work, while drool splashes my keyboard, over the thought of warm cranberry sauce and stuffing as soft as pillows, forming a tight-knit friendship on my dinner plate. And while my stomach screams, “ARE WE THERE YET”, my mind tap dances across the things that have kept my heart racing this year.

A Super Short List of the Wacky Things That Have Kept Me Laughing in 2011:

Group Text Messaging on the IPhone.

The Casey Anthony trial.

The Jen Glantz Band. Check us out []

The characters that call themselves the GOP Presidential Candidates.

Wednesday nights with Phil Dunphy.

But, as I pull myself together and keep my eye on the chocolate chip pancake Thanksgiving morning prize, I realize in 2011 it’s the people who have continued to rub against my cheap polyester leopard shorts that I owe a humongous thank you to. I wish i could fit those people into a suitcase, a shadow box or even a scrapbook just so I could walk by them collectively every single day and just say, “Thank you for loving me as I am”. Because I’ll admit I am one heck of a wild individual to love.

Thank you for letting me push your buttons, do a little jig on your shoulder and keep you running in circles. Thank you for keeping up with me [Though I am certainty not as entertaining as a Kardashian].

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Now I am off to sing my tummy a lullaby and prepare to stuff myself silly tomorrow.

Happy Thanksgiving to you & all the nouns in your life that keep you sane in the membrane!

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