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My Dad Is My Lead Singer

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June 15, 2014

My dad is my lead singer and when we jam together, upstairs in my house in Florida, he makes me feel like i’m a true rock and roll star playing for a sold out house at the Garden. But it’s just us usually, and of course, a handful of my decade old stuffed animals scattered throughout the room.

A couple of years ago, my dad and I decided to start recording our jam sessions and put them up on YouTube. Since i wasn’t living at home anymore, it became a tradition that we’d pick a song and practice every single day i was home and record right before i left – sometimes we would record minutes before my plane was about to take off – because getting a new song out was important for our “fans”, but mostly for us.

My dad has always been my lead singer. He’s been my #1 promoter, often singing news about even my smallest accomplishments to every single person he would meet throughout the day – even strangers at a CVS, a restaurant, or in the middle of Forever21.

But like most lead singers of the bands you listen to you on the radio or your record player, he’s the true star. The personality, the motivation, the “look” behind the band. He’s what keeps our band together – making us rocking even harder than the last video.

He’s the one that makes me realize, an audience of 1 or 100 never matters – As long as you’re having fun. And that we do, and that we do.

I love you dad, always.

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Here are the THREE most popular covers that The Jen Glantz Band has rocked out to. For best results while listening, turn your speakers up and get ready to dance!

1. Bob Dylan – Don’t Think Twice

1. Tom Petty – American Girl

1. Fleetwood Mac – Go Your Own Way

Ps. Thanks for listening! The Jen Glantz Band is available for weddings, Bat-Mitzvahs and corporate events.

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