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My Career Journey Was A Mess

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July 4, 2016

I’ll tell you the truth.

My career journey was a mess. It looked like a game of connect the dots gone wrong. Or a pattern of constellations that spelt out, “Do what you want, but figure it out yourself.”

I’d rather tell you about my failures. My moments of misery. The times when I desperately wanted to give up – because everyone in the universe was telling me that I should. That I would be better off if I did. That I would be happier, calmer, sane.

Because those stories are the sparks of fire that burn me when I wake up in the morning and leave me with no choice but to put on my boxing gloves. They make me fight toward goals that like to punch me in the gut every so often. They make me believe in myself – when nobody else believes in me anymore.

I tell these stories to the success-hungry souls who choose to listen because I want them to know they are not alone. Their bad days make them human. Their good days remind them they are alive. Every day in between is what will have them flirting with an idea that they really can do anything they marry their mind to.

Because they can. I want them to know that they can.

Watch the video that breaks down my career journey & maps out my most embarrassing failures.

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