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Moving To Nyc

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January 4, 2012

It was the Rolling Stones, who preached like raspy humming birds, that time is on my side, yes it is. But when you wake up one morning and decide to take control of your life and chase after that burning desire that is constantly running away from you, timing will, without a doubt, not be on your side. In mid December, I finally looked my blonde haired self in the mirror, pointed my index finger and said, “Jen, enough is enough” . I booked a flight to NYC, worked persistently to set up job interviews or “introductions” with company’s that already told me they would not hire me and began to look for apartments. I zipped my sunburnt body up in a down jacket and hit the streets walking at a fast and aggressive enough pace that people would take me seriously. I accomplished what i set out to do and I am moving to NYC in the dead of the winter(Mid January). I will be welcomed with hand shaking freezing temperatures and snowflakes slapping me in the face. Did i mention I have never even seen snow? My entire wardrobe consists of bathing suits and outfits to cover up bathing suits. Call me crazy, call me quick to jump to the point, call me whatever you want but i did it and i am going. So, in the midst of me trying to buy a whole new wardrobe decorated with pieces of clothing i have NEVER  ever heard of [aka a parka], setting up an apartment from 1,000 miles away and preparing to start a new career, I invite you to follow me down this wild adventure that will literally turn my world upside, in hopes–desperate hopes–that YOU will be inspired to trade comfort for what you really want when it comes to making moves in your own life.

Trading jumping off cliffs for jumping into piles of snow.   

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