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Here Is Why We All Feel So Stuck

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November 3, 2019

We all feel stuck.

Stuck in something. Stuck in some emotion, some funk, some area of our lives that isn’t where we want to be.

Sometimes I feel embarrassed by my stuck-ness. Sometimes when I take inventory on my life, I feel disheveled. I feel uneasy about who I am and what I have – but of course more so about what I don’t have.

Which is all to say that this week I want to tell you about something you, I, we must do: we must scare ourselves more often.

First, admit what scares you? Public speaking? Asking for things you deserve? Moving to a new city? Asking that person to be your friend? What is it? Write it down. Speak it out loud. Admit it.

Next, sign up for something: a class, an event, an actual something that you can put on your calendar.
Public speaking? Take a class in August.
Moving to a new city? Plan a weekend trip to explore those streets in October.
Making a new friend: Set a deadline to ask a new person to meet for coffee by September.

Take a step into that fear.


The best way to get unstuck is to do something that rattles you. When it’s over, you come out with all these magic powers. These secret spells. These feelings that if you just did that, what else can you do?

Change doesn’t happen when we’re scared. It happens when we’re ready to face our fears and we’ve taken that one, two, three steps forward.

March on this week, my friends. 

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