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Give Me More Good In Life, Please

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November 10, 2019

Here’s the thing about life: the sweetest moments are the ones we are innocently lallygagging through.  

Like those nights when you and your friends would go out to clubs and stand in the middle of the dance floor and dance for hours and not care about meeting the love of your life at the bar or whether your feet were getting dirty because you took off your shoes so that you could do that one dance move where you’re ankles move like windshield wipers or if you knew the words to the song because all that mattered was in that moment you were free. You were standing in your own mosh pit of fun.

It’s not like I count calories but I try to be healthy. I try really hard not to have pizza every single day and cancel workout classes to read on my couch. And here we are on vacation saying no to a milkshake because it’s not something we EVER say yes to. But right before the bill came, Adam said: You know what, bring us one of those shakes! The Butterfinger one! And my heart bounced and my eyes widened and we looked at each other and laughed so hard we might have made some room in our stuffed-with-lunch bellies. And then we ate the whole thing in record-breaking time. And when it was over, when the whole trip was over, I couldn’t help but feel so sad.

Sometimes on Friday nights, when I slip on my fuzzy socks and lay in bed, I scroll through photos of those dance floor nights and feel sad too. Why didn’t I stop and grab the arm of the friend beside me and say something to let them know I appreciated them and this moment? Why didn’t we make some wine-fueled promise to make sure we do this forever? ▫️▫️▫️
If anything, those sweet moments aren’t meant to last. We can’t slurp down a milkshake like this every day! We can’t go back to those clubs, with those friends, with those songs! Because the thing about life is, we must keep moving. We can’t go back. Nothing will be the same. And that’s not sad. It’s not sad at all! What’s sad is that in the moment we forget to say:


I want to add one more set of memories to my collection.

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