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Can I Write You A Love Letter

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March 22, 2015

“That’s the thing we never say to one another – that we all deserve goodness. That way we deserve the best stories. That our lives are something to be in awe of and we are just so lucky to alive and breathing today.” – Hannah Brencher

I came across Hannah and her love letter writing project almost 4 years ago.

It was at a time in my life when I didn’t have much but yet I had somehow had everything.

You know what I’m talking about, don’t you?

When you have one of those jobs where you’re constantly clocking in and out and one of those love lives where you’re also, in ways, clocking in and out.

You hear about friends signing leases at apartment complexes in states with small towns or infamous downtowns, but yet there’s something so beautifully comforting about finding yourself moving back home to your parent’s house and trying to sprawl out in your childhood twin sized bed.

I was 23. I didn’t have a resume. I didn’t have a savings account with my name on it.  

But I did have this ungodly passion for strangers.

I’ve always kind of been like that.

One of the saddest things I ever had to come to terms with was that I’d never be able to meet every single person who walked this planet. I once thought of trying. I’d start local and go around and shake hands and wrap my arms around every person I passed by.

I wondered if that was possible. I wondered about that so often that I wondered if I could do that instead of find a well-paying, brain-sucking job.

Then one day at work, I stumbled upon Hannah. I saw that she was attempting this exact thing.

Except instead of shaking stranger’s hands or voicing a giant Hello! She was writing them love letters.

She was writing love letters and leaving them behind on trains and park benches and on top of beat-up coffee shop tables.

I finished Hannah’s book today and decided she’s right. The world absolutely and completely needs more love letters.

And I want to help with that.

So this week, I’m brushing the dust off my stationary and offering to write anyone in this world a love letter – who wants one, who needs one, who simply just desires something to look forward to.

Can I write you one? Send your address here:

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