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Adventures Of A Professional Bridesmaid: First Look

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August 28, 2014

Meet Ashley:

A 25-year-old bride from Maple Grove, Minnesota.  She can’t get through a whole story without making you pause with her to laugh, calls you My Dear  within just a few hours of knowing her, and pulls you underneath her umbrella when rain drops are threatening to burst all over your freshly ironed dress.

I met Ashley for the first time this weekend, after spending a month and a half working with hervirtually as a professional bridesmaid for her upcoming wedding on September 6th.

Ashley sent me an email after reading the story about Bridesmaid for Hire on The Knot and opened up to me about her own wedding planning skills and how she recently had a falling out with her closest gal pal who was supposed to be her maid-of-honor. We started working together onlythree days after she pressed the send button on that email.

We chat a few times a week and from six states away, we’ve been able to work everything from how to get the final group of people to send in their RSVP’s to brainstorming fun and out of the box games to play at her bridal shower.

Ashley flew out to NYC this weekend so that her and I could do a little pre-wedding shopping,  NYC sightseeing (this was her very first time in the Big Apple), and shoot a few interviews with media channels who were eager to learn more about Bridesmaid for Hire and what it’s like to work as a professional bridesmaid.


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