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Start 2022 with a clear purpose, accountability, actionable to-do list & weekly challenges that will push you even closer toward your goals. 



A 90-Day Challenge With Real-Time Coaching Starts
January 10th, 2022

As you wave hello to a new year, the feeling of starting 2022 with a strong focus is on the top of your mind. But, it might make you wonder what the heck do we do next? How do you make changes? Where do you

Big changes start with small, strategic steps. It starts with digging to find what you want and planning out exactly how you'll get started.

It's about understanding all the baggage you're carrying with you from the year before, fully visualizing what you want to achieve in your life and then breaking down goals, first into 90-day chunks, and then into achievable weekly and monthly deadlines.

In the 90-day challenge, you'll get every single thing you need to not only map out your 2022 goals but to start winning them now, with a 90-day plan of action. 

You're meant for more this year. Stop wasting time. It's time to start going after those goals.

Don't waste another year of your life wishing things were different.

Make this year different. Accomplish the things you've said you would, become the person who you dream of being, make the career moves you know you want to make. 

What if you started this year different than any others? What if in just ONE hour a week, you sat down and made more progress on your life than you usually make in 6-month?

What if you stopped waiting around for things to happen in your life and started taking calculated and organized steps toward what you want?

Are you somebody who...

Wants to end each month knowing they spent their time/life in a purposeful way?

Has leftover goals from 2021 that they didn’t conquer?

Wants to make changes in their life but isn’t quite sure how?

Feels like they are stuck, without a clear purpose, and wants motivation?

Has always wanted to try coaching but wasn’t sure what to expect or how to get started?

Is tired of saying “eventually I will (fill in the blank)” and knows it’s their turn to finally start? 

Feels overwhelmed by 2022 and wants to approach this year with a strategy + help? 

Wants to interact with a community of other people working on this challenge for support?

Is ready to invest in themselves and in something they truly deserve?


– Lisa D.

“The weekly exercises, check ins and feedback has completely changed how I view goal setting, time, and plans in general. Sometimes simple tasks like writing down the goals, from the simple to the what you would deem ‘impossible' is very therapeutic, get them all out and assess how you can achieve them. Jen has empowered me to go with my gut, to take those chances, and to BELIEVE IN ME! Jen pushed me to apply for a role I wanted, but didn’t think I’d get, and guess what- I got it. Jen cheered me on to believe in myself, and it worked. The 90 day challenge has given me the best start to my year, and provided me with manageable steps to achieve my goals, and strategies to help me follow through. I can’t thank Jen enough for opening up a piece of me that I thought was forgotten! "

I'm Jen Glantz and I want to challenge, support & guide you toward conquering goals you know you want to achieve in 2022.

I've been a to-do list conquerer since early 2011 when I set out to make big changes in my life.

I'm the founder of the viral business, Bridesmaid for Hire, the creator of the project, Finally the Bride, the founder of the blog, The Things I Learned From, the voice of the podcast, You're Not Getting Any Younger, the founder of the coaching bizz, Jen & Juice, and the author of the Amazon-bestselling books, All My Friends are Engaged, &  Always a Bridesmaid for Hire, published by Simon and Schuster. 

I've told my stories on hundreds of press outlets around the world, such as TODAY Show, Good Morning America, CNN, NPR, and Fox News, where they called my job the “weirdest of all time”.

You can often find me on stages as a speaker for conferences (SXSW, Creativity Next, and NextGen Gov) for companies (ESPN, Google, HBO) and schools (Wharton, Adelphi, Baruch).  In 2016, I received the "30 Under 30"  award from my alma mater, University of Central Florida. 

I'm passionate about helping people, just like you, realize they are meant for so much more and have the bravery they need to kickstart changes in their life.

Three things* you have to know about me: I only eat pizza, my birthday is on April Fool's Day and I spent 2 years living in a new city every month.

​*No, that wasn't a game of two truths one lie. 


How the challenge works

Workbook & challenges


Every Monday, for 3-months, you'll get a new set of challenges and motivating videos to watch for the week. You'll also get a workbook to help you stay organized and accountable along the way.

feedback & coaching


At the end of every week, you'll be able to submit assignments & updates. I'll share personalized real-time coaching & feedback within 24-hours. There will also be a LIVEE coaching session every month.

workshops & community


To help boost personal development even more, you'll have access to a new on-demand workshop, monthly, to watch on a variety of topics. Another major perk is access to the 90-day challenge community where you'll meet other challengers for support & motivation.

A 90-day challenge with weekly assignments, real-time feedback, group & individual coaching, and accountability.


What's inside the challenge


Goal tracking & inventory workbook

In this workbook, you'll be able to take inventory of 2022 goals and put down your feelings, surprising personal moments, and inventory of wins and losses of the 90-days. Also inside is a 2021 goal setter worksheet, a 90-day goal planner template to use and a month goal tracker. All of these tools will come in handy throughout the 90-day challenge. 


video inspo right to your inbox

Every week, for 3-months, you'll get a video from me to kick-off your Monday morning. The videos will be tip-based, inspirational and an actionable guide to help you improve on something in your life (from imposter syndrome to figuring out your personal mission statement to how to adjust habits and routines). These videos will be under 10-minutes and easy to consume while you get ready to start your week.



To help make sure you are infusing growth into every week of the challenge, on Monday morning, you'll receive a challenge to complete. These challenges will range from being ones you can do solo to ones that will push you out of your comfort zone (just a little). We'll keep track of how many challenges you completed and YES! There will be prizes at the end.



Every month, we'll have a group coaching session where other people from the challenge will gather to discuss progress, pit-stops and pop-up problems, and also just get to know each other and network. Throughout the challenge, we'll be in touch to see how you're doing and I'll provide you with personalized feedback and advice along the way. 

The main problems:

You need help getting started, organized or motivated

You don't have clear goals or a game plan for the year ahead 

You feel overwhelmed and stuck

You don't have that person, place or thing in your life to keep you accountable

You know you deserve more than what you currently have 

You're scared of falling back into old habits 

You wish you accomplished more than what you did last year and want to start 2022 off strong and focused.

You're ready to invest in something for yourself that you truly deserve 

A professional goal-getter (me!!) by your side, guiding you with video lessons, coaching, accountability and challenges to complete along the way

Weekly video inspiration lessons to watch & challenges to complete that help with personal development and growth


The 90-Day Challenge solution:

A workbook, goal tracker & inventory list that helps you stay on track & get accountability

Real-time feedback on assignments & progress + group coaching along the way

– kathy h.

“Since signing up for the 90-day class, I’m amazed at what I’ve been able to
accomplish in such a short time. From starting a podcast to cleaning the clutter out of
my house, her weekly videos, assignments, workshops and coaching sessions have
changed the way I think about myself. Plus, she’ll just jump into my inbox with words of
encouragement or a little push, just when I need it. I can’t wait to see what I can do in
the next 90 days!"

Thinking Any of These Questions?

How does this work?

The program officially starts when you press ENROLL! On that day, you'll get an email confirmation and next steps. On January 10th, you'll receive official access to the challenge, your course portal, and information on how to book coaching calls & submit your weekly assignments. 

The program spans over 90-days. Every Monday, you'll get an email with that week's course materials, tasks and deadlines. The videos are in small digestible pieces and the tasks shouldn't take you more 30-minutes - 1-hour every week. I'm here to work with you and hold you accountable. 

By the end of this program, you'll feel organized and on-track to conquer your goals and live a meaningful life. 

Should I wait and take this course later?

The 90-day challenge starts Monday, January 10th, 2022.  However, there are limited spots. Don't wait because as spots fill up different package options might sell out.  The last 90-day challenge sold out in 3-days! Grab your spot today. 

What if I fall behind?

I'm here to help, work with you and hold you accountable. If something comes up and you can't keep up with the course or the tasks, we'll chat 1:1 to adjust deadlines. I'm committed to guiding you through this challenge without making you feel stressed or overwhelmed. 

What if I've never taken a course before?

This 90-Day Challenge is the perfect one to start with because it's a real-time course, coaching and community series all in one. There will be video lessons to watch, a workbook to complete, challenges along the way and group coaching + hang-out sessions to meet other people as well. 

Who is this course for?

If you're someone who has an unfinished to-do list, a goal in mind or just want to make the year on a memorable, then sign up! The 90-day challenge is perfect for anyone who wants to get their year back on track and make 2022 a powerful, purposeful, and positive year.

Do you offer discounts?

The challenge is jam-packed with guidance, strategy and expert advice. The payments are monthly. You can check that out here.

THE 90-day challenge


Set goals, take action, get support & feedback along the way.


Hey! I’m Jen Glantz

I’m a Brooklyn-based writer and entrepreneur who turned a Craigslist ad into a viral business & a six-figure empire. I host a podcast, write newsletters, and create odd jobs. I'm here to help you live, think, and take adventures that tap into your wildest dreams and remind you that: You're not getting any younger.






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