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The Benefits of Using CLAY

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August 23, 2022

 Be more thoughtful with the people who matter to you

 A few months ago, I discovered a game-changing platform called Clay, which is a beautiful and private digital rolodex intentionally designed to help you be more thoughtful with the people who matter to you.

Before I started using Clay, being thoughtful and remembering important details about the people in my life relied on my own memory, as well as a mix of spreadsheets, notecards, contacts apps, and CRMs. In addition to being difficult to manage, this approach lets important relationships, moments, and context fall through the cracks.

But when you log onto Clay, you enter your very own personalized home for the people that matter to you, empowering you to remember important moments and information. Clay uses your calendar, email, iMessage, Twitter, phone contacts, and LinkedIn to create one source of truth for your relationships. Take notes, set reminders, get notified when people are in the news, and more.

I use Clay not only to foster relationships with friends and acquaintances but also to show up prepared for so many different business situations, whether it’s to be prepared for a meeting, to search my network to find a mentor, or to stay on top of important details about the important people in my life.

Be a better friend. Be a better colleague. The most powerful way to never forget who matters to you. Try Clay today. 

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