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How to Create an Online Course Using Thinkific

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June 20, 2022

Monetize your skills, hobbies, and interests

At the start of the pandemic, I watched a big chunk of my income suddenly disappear. I have a business in the wedding industry and all of my clients either paused their weddings (which meant pausing my money) or completely canceled their celebrations and just eloped.

I also made a good amount of money traveling for speaking gigs and consulting. A lot of those opportunities shut down with the world did because of COVID.

Did I feel this urgent sense of panic? Yes, of course I did.

I’ve been an entrepreneur for 6+ years and work hard, every month, to bring in income for myself.

I had no choice but to think of new ways to make money.

So I thought about online courses.

I sat down and brainstormed the skills and topics people often hired me to consult with them or speak about at company workshops or conferences.

I decided on two key topics:

Public Speaking and Personal Branding

Then I thought about my audience and figured out who these courses would be for.

After that, I spent 30-days designing and creating each course.

When the courses launched in 2020, I realized this:

Everyone should have an online course because everyone should have passive income – and this is one of the best ways to generate that on a monthly basis.

Both courses were super popular and every month bring in income. It helps make up for income sources that are still impacted by the pandemic and it allows me to teach people – all over the world – skills I’m great at that they want to learn.

So how can you do the same? I’m going to show you how below.

Pick Your Topic

Start by making a list of 10 topics, skills, interests, or hobbies that you’re really interested in / passionate about / an expert at. Then narrow it down to the one you are the most excited about and believe others NEED to know.

Find Your Audience

Narrow down your audience. Who is this course for? Why do they need this course? Can you ask 10 people in your target audience and verify that they’d take this course / what they want to learn in this course / what other courses they take? Do research on your audience and make this course for them.

Map Out Goals for a Course

What are the top 10 takeaways a person will have after they complete your course? What are the 10 problems you solve for people who take this course? What are 10 ways you will make this course unique?

Design the Course

Write out the course, film videos at home, create worksheets. If you’ve never done this before, it’s easier than it sounds, here’s help.

Host it On a Powerful Platform

Put your course on a platform that allows you to design it, host it, and sell it. I adore Thinkific and have been using it for years. You’ll see why right here.

Why am I so passionate about people doing online courses? Because anyone can start one and it’s a semi-easy way to make passive side income. Before you say “no way, not me…” think deeply about something you could teach others and consider investing the time to make it a course that can live on – forever – and generate cash for you every month.

As always, I am here, cheering you on.

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